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As we end another year

Monday, December 15, 2008

An old chestnut that still holds true as you as you work to make your practice even more successful. By Lon Uso DDS

Dear Colleagues,

It’s hard to believe that we have almost ended another year. Thanks to you, The Dental Shopper is more than 25 years old. When we started there was no Dental Products Report, no Dental Economics or many of the magazines that you younger dentists now take for granted. There were a number of association journals that dealt mostly with clinical articles and data but none that were concerned with the business of dentistry. We were pioneers and you recognized the value of what we were doing and you supported us. We took a chance and put our money and our effort into this project and you rewarded us. It was the American promise of finding a need, having a great idea, working hard and succeeding, much like what you are doing in your practices.

This year has also brought some economic challenges to many individuals and businesses; our profession is no exception. Shopping wisely has never been more important and I have encouraged my advertisers to give my readers the best deals that they can. I encourage you to find and take advantage of those deals.

Arm yourselves with products that educate your patients and encourage them to make the right decisions for their oral health. Market your practices wisely and accurately track the return on investment (ROI) of that marketing program.  You will survive the tough times and be better and stronger for it.

As we enter the Holiday Season, I wish you all good health, joy and prosperity in the coming year. Only we know how truly demanding our jobs are and I hope that you all find the time to recharge your batteries and enjoy time with friends and family.

My everlasting thanks to you that support us including our loyal advertisers that truly make our publication possible.


Dr. Lon Uso, UCLA ‘77

Please Note: Items on this blog are not necessarily the opinion of The Dental Shopper or its staff. These items may be controversial and are here for the purpose of free discussion of ideas and concepts.
Dr. Lon Uso, owner.

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